It’s always good to look at what others are doing, but we all know that SAFEX is gonna kick A$$A$$ASS <-- oopsie :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be fun to also let Manfred add SEC

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Yes he mentioned he does not discriminate any coins, so would be great.

TL;DR on the video, is a decentralized marketplace for cryptocoins as well as fiat, where you can trade and if any disputes a 3rd party arbiter can step in on any disputes and resolve them. Kind of like open bazaar. Glad we can see how these systems are going to work out.


Maybe it’s not the right place, but this deserves a post. A true novel this one:

Looting of the Fox: The Story of Sabotage at ShapeShift
By Erik Voorhees - April 19, 2016

Hey Dan, time to train with 007 lol

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I read that post; no worries bro 007 is on your side already. :sunrise:

I write all my own code, and SCRUTINIZE everything.


Here you can find a comprehensive resource of all Bitcoin (bitsquare included)exchange with fees and rates:
seem updated recently…