Bittrex De-listing

Hey everyone. Why is Bittrex de-listing SAFEX? It’s causing chaos on the price. Surely the SAFEX team knew about this?

there has been thread opened for this problem.

Lol, Daniel has some real experience with blockchain technology, just cause he hasn’t made it public doesn’t mean he isn’t involved.

Do you understand the concept of # of developers and progress? Sometimes it’s better to have developers for better progression.

Oooh, the only valuable thing I learned from your post is that Dan speaks Polish which is quite a surprise for me :wink:

Look, I really searched for evidence for his experience as developer, but all I’ve found were words (spoke by him). Do you have any evidence for his experience or just repeating his mantra?
Looking at his results, he just can’t be the one he want’s people to see him.

Appreciate your opinion but what are you aiming for? Please don’t say you are worried about other people’s investment.

Ah I don’t give a fuck about your money, I was just amazed by his rude behaviour, banning and agression when I was really polite with my questions. Besides that, I like exposing scams. I have some track on that :slight_smile:

This is usually done to dump the price more so the poster can buy more coins.


I can see how polite you are from your posts


like you people on this forum has some real stack to dump anything ^^ I don’t expect scam followers to be wealthy enough, sorry. @Forex guess everybody has his limits :] No reason to be polite to people who were not polite to you.

You were not polite, you were constantly attacking the guy with something that was undercover of “polite” tone of the voice.

So you are saying he has no code on github? :thinking:

he doesn’t necessary need to make it open source

That person said NO code. He obviously doesn’t look very hard.

Dan has a number of programs on github and has done other programs in the past. So if this guy cannot even be assed to look at github, why should I believe anything else he said.

He is just pissed off and as far as I can see just wanted to attack and hear himself speak. Its easy to attack 100 projects as scams and the few they get correct just confirms in their own minds that they can spot scams.


He’s worked in San Fransisco, and also on Dascoin (even though the business model is kinda sketchy). But technology wise he’s done it all

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I am skeptical of the latest pump and dump on this coin and then this news. Seems like a coordinated effort using inside information. I will let go and stay away from this.