Bittrex market not working - Market Offline

I’m trying to trade on Bittrex for the last day, but I cant place any order, I recieve an error: Market Offline.

I just tried and it worked. maybe just a hicup

It’s working now. It was also not working for some other coins.

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Here an interesting article…

…in case some newbie has the same problems i have.
Tried to send my stuff too the SAFEX wallet as soon it was possible again (Automated Maintance), found out i ll have to finish my Verification first. While searching my damn passport the Session “expired”, an doesn t “refresh” for a second try.

Tried to contact the support,…“Request not yet submitted. Please check your email to verify and submit your request” :zipper_mouth_face:
…took a while…
Got an automated answer with troubleshooting tips, but no solution for my problem,… waiting for an answer :rofl: or whatever…

P.S. it says:" In some cases you wiull be able to restart the processby clicking on the orginal link or refresh yout browser" - not for me

I verified via my phone in the end after having the same issue on my Mac. Worked fine, just need to make sure you have whatever document you are going to use ready to go.

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Means over the Bittrex App? I ll try that, thx for the information…

I just used the bittrex website but via my phone browser. Allowed me to take a photo of my driving license using my phone’s camera.

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thx for your advicve, at the end it works,…

in general i have to say,…
don t be impatient,…like i was
don t go crazy and stop spamming forums with your shit…like i did
some things just dont work right away :sunglasses:

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I have had a very good experience with Bittrex. I don’t know how things happend, but my withdraw was fulfilled in 5 minutes. So almost all of my safex in my wallet now.
SAFEX hold more than short term trade for me. I believe @dandabek world and my team is working also a crypto based ‘future of work’ project to explode 8 hours compulsory working timewith and this Marketplace can be a very good platform. Changing nature of work and organizations is an essential part of the human life.
Safex team has a very good future.
So : Dan, We are with you!

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That’s great to hear I’m glad you’ve had success in getting them off the exchange :slight_smile:

i’m having same issue. still taking ages for verification and safex wallet on bittrex is currently under maintenance we stuck

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anyone has any idea on why bittrex wallet is in constant maintenance for the past few days? i’ve kept my safex there waiting for any development and now that i wanted to transfer them into wallet, realized that the bittrex wallet is “under maintenance”


Well, same here but it seems impossible to keep the wallet under maintenance for more than a week.