Bittrex or Cryptopia

Hi guys, just wanted to hear your thoughts what is better for trading SAFEX? Bittrex or Cryptopia. Cryptopia looks more free (keeping in the spirit of SAFEX), but Bittrex has some good names and reputation attached. What are your thoughts and what do you use?


Cryptopia has almost no trade volume, and the price of Safex is way higher. Bittrex all the way. How I do all of my trades is:

Coinbase -> LTC -> Send to Bittrex -> Trade for BTC -> Trade for Safex -> Wallet


Why not just get BTC at coinbase

When I go to buy Safex I typically want to get in and out quick. I buy LTC on coinbase because it transfers so much more quickly and cheaper than BTC. Just a couple minutes later and I have my LTC on bittrex and I am trading for BTC.


Are you referring Coinbase and not GDAX? I would recommend GDAX cause they don’t change a hefty commission like Coinbase.

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Doesn’t it take a while to wire money to GDAX?

For GDAX I use Chase, it’s $10 for same day if you wire before a certain cut off time. If you’re investing more than like $1k it could be worth looking into.

If you’re buying like $100, $10 is 10% which is quite a bit.

I think Coinbase charges like 2-3%? GDAX does 0.25% per trade.

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Thanks for the heads up, I’m switching it up.

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Hmhm, I’ve been having some problems with coinbase, lately. Will look at the GDAX option. Anyhow, thanks for the advice.

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Why not…Bittrex-Cryptopia-Bluetrade:slight_smile:

Anyone else seeing issues at Bittrex?

The Safex wallet under maintenance all day (inactive)
My transfer of Bitcoin from BTC Markets to Bittrex still not confirmed 8 hours later.

And if history is accurate it will be all weekend too

I’m guessing Dan’s upgrading the Safex wallet for release shortly?

He might well be, but this has no impact on bittrex’s wallet maintenance. If you looked further then you’d see that bittrex is doing maintenance on all the omni-protocol coins. So its likely they are doing a resync of their omni-protocol node and that can take a few days.

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Cryptopia fees to withdraw to Safex wallet is 1500 Safex! Is this right or am I seeing things! :thinking:

waaaa? Fixed or scales with quantity?

23 pm

Guessing it’s fixed! I withdrew a lot more a month or so ago and it was 1 Safex! Anyone know why it’s so high now??

I’m hesitant to withdraw for a fee of 1499 more than it cost me last time but also want to get it into my wallet. Anyone got any ideas? Cheers!

Holy crap 1500…

@dandabek Any word on getting Safex listed on other exchanges. Binance would be huge :sunglasses:

Thats rediculous. Most in Oz only charging 100 safex unless the btc mining fee gone up ?