Bittrex Reserved?

Hey all,

New to crypto but decided my first investment would be in SAFEX. I purchased on Bittrex and it shows fulfilled. But in my wallet (bittrex) it shows Reserved. As i’m new and have no clue what i’m doing…

Has anyone else had this issue or know why it might be happening? I put in a ticket with Bittrex but that was 8 hours ago :expressionless:

It might be that your order is partially fulfilled. You can open the Orders tab in a new window and will see how much has been bought so far

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If you’re on the paired currency page, you can scroll down below the asks and bids to see your order there also

Reserved is any funds you have that you’ve earmarked for either a buy or sell that are still pending completion. The sale or purchase is instant once you have a buyer or seller

Thanks Howlinjay.

I put in a auto-sell at a specific amount and that’s what moved it to reserved. Canceled it. You da man / woman!

Man to you Swoodby :wink: No worries!

If you’re new to exchanges, just give me a shout if you need any help.

Good choice on going into Safex btw. It’s still got to get fully off the ground, but I personally think it can do great things

Thanks and will do! I’ll definitely reach out as i have questions :slight_smile: Loving everything I’ve read on safex!

It took me a while to read enough that I was comfortable with it, but now I’ve done my homework, I think it’s worth the value I’ve invested.

It’s never a good thing to put everything into just one investment or over-stretch yourself, so SAFEX is great as it’s reasonable to get in now

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