Bittrex Volume 0.00% Shown On Coinmarketcap Now

Coinmarketcap stopped showing volume percentages for Safex on Bittrex. Should see a nice rise in safex under Cryptopia now. I’ve been a long time follower of this coin and this forum. Nice to see this coin rebound and start to take off. Exciting to see what the new website, alpha phase, and whitepaper brings to the table. Nice to meet you all!

Crytopia is delisting safex due to (a coordinated possibly) complaints leveled at cryptopia

That is why the volume is now zero

Cryptopia is delisting safex aswell. Are you sure you are following this forum? :slight_smile:

Lol all i can say. Has anyone tried lobbying Coinmarkets ? Exchanging like btc the old school way.

I think this post was written ages ago but required approval. There was about 10-15 posts that came through at the same time probably down to delayed approval.

I like safex but I like the money I work hard for more…
they need to fast track there chillie exchange and start getting safex listed on a few exchanges where ppl use or it won’t last till first quarter 2018 fortunately, don’t be blind just cause u see possible $ to be made we can loose everything also, I like safex they really need to hurry things up and prove there product coin is useable and works


Those looking to flogg it off the moment it rises are the ones mainly concerned. If you want to potentially be part of successful community then sit tight.

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You got it! Yeah, I just signed up, but I had to be approved. By the time my post was approved, seemed like I was behind the ball.

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