Bittrex Wallet maintenance

So I have 5M safex in my safex wallet. With no way to get them into bittrex to trade. I know the delisting is happening on the 15th. Who is keeping the wallet under maintenance and why?

Safex advertised their wallet and promised the air drop as incentive.

It’s really a F**ked situation.

How do I get rid of scamX?

I have been on board for a long time and pushed all my friends and family into this. Now we need another major exchange ASAP. This is the only answer!!!

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Cryptopia is live…

and further more… scamX? f**ked situation? what in the WORLD are you talking about? there are meds for people like you

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@S3cGuy327 is probably lashing out on emotion. Safex isn’t the only thing in maintenance on Bittrex. Siacoin, NAVCoin, and Maidsafe are also in maintenance as well. But like @Bredell said, send your coins to Cryptopia to sell.

I have coins on Bittrex right now that I want to send to the wallet. I might have to flip it into BTC and send that to Cryptopia if this maintenance keeps going. The 15th is fast approaching. I don’t blame Dan, this is just bad timing on Bittrex’s part.

How long has the Bittrex been on Maintainance for SAFEX

Something is not Okay for me with this maintenance.

Is there a team behind this maintenance ? Omni or Bittrex should give out an official announcements about it.

Somebody have to do this maintenance, not an AI …

Maintenance seems to have been taking place since the delisting announcement. Strangely, Omni is up and running on Bittrex according to

But you can sell the safex? yes?

Maybe, I’m a little paranoid.
Still look at the facts!
1 Safex has a great idea that I have fully supported and built a community of faithful followers.
KEY WORD Faithful (almost like a cult)
2 They created a wallet and got a large portion of their followers to transfer their coins by promoting the air drop.
3 The big pump and dump.
There was a massive surge right before being delisted??? Lots of people bought in during the ride. (I did not. I have been sitting on my coins for a long time.)
4 Delisting
Came out of nowhere.
5 Now no one can use Bittrex to trade their coins.
Why not??? The coin is not to be delisted until the 15th.

Craptopia is not the answer. Not enough volume to wipe my azz with.

If they wont to restore the faith we need a major exchange.
At the very least some proof other than a video.

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Dont FUD, because admin will ban you :smiley:

The truth is that Bittrex is holding SAFEX coins hostage.
Maintenance is just for cover.
What really is going on is that nothing is wrong with the wallet, but after they announced delisting, people started arbitrage between Cryptopia and Bittrex and Bittrex doesn’t want to deal with it any more, so they put the wallet on “maintenance”. They will “fix” it on or after Dec 15th, so people can withdraw their coins and that will close the story about SAFEX on Bittrex. But for now, SAFEX is hostage on Bittrex and nobody can do anything about it, since they are assholes. So feel free to share this post and let everybody know what kind of business Bittrex is running.


it’s not FUD, he’s stating facts, get out of here with that censoring shit it’s a free forum not a dictatorship.

However I personally have faith in this I will not be selling. I think you’d be a fool to sell now, if I had more money to buy this cheap I would

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can someone explain why i need bitcoin to withdraw from my safex wallet ?

we should all send an email to Bittrex telling them not to delist it. i mean it has good volume… Why would they delist… politics i guess.

SAFEX is sent via Bitcoin blockchain protocol and when you are sending something via bitcoin blockchain, you need to pay the fee with bitcoins.

I moved coins off bittrex after announcement. Obviously before the wallet maintenance of all omni protocol coins

I had maintenance happen over 9 months ago that took nigh on 5 days. Its maintenance on the omni wallet since all the other omni token coins are in maintenance. A node resync can take a number of days. It takes me 7 days on a 100mbit/s link (the link is not the limiting factor)

Form some who has been here for a while I would have to agree with that statement.

You’re 100 percent right! We need a major exchange! I agree with you! If we don’t achieve one, what business is going to want to partner with us. Even if it’s a great idea, it’s not going to scale! We need one ASAP! It annoys me when people use the excuse ‘oh it’s a great project’. I’m actually frustrated that safex has been alive and kicking for almost 2 years and it has not been put into other major exchanges. Cryptopia is not a major exchange, it’s based in NZ. An island in the middle of nowhere. Get us on Binance and that will give everyone confidence.

I agree. People who expect the price to go up will be disappointed. You can’t see the price go up if you don’t have an exchange to trade it at a higher price. And Cryptopia is too small for that.

You obviously have no idea how the crypto/altcoin market works.
I’m sorry but you truly don’t. The fact that you refer to “faithful” supporters alone say it all. And not only do you not understand crypto, you don’t understand even traditional startups and investment sentiments.

First of all every new token is an entirely new project.
Like every project they need funding, funding, time, and most of all investor confidence.

If you look into tokens that are not only performing now but with good investor confidence, they have good community that assures new investors in times of turbulent crypto market prices. They have good community members who take the effort to help out with PR so the team can focus more funds on getting coders and actual work done.

I’ll give you an example. If someone have $1M on their hands, comes looking and shortlisted 3 tokens: 1) IOTA, 2) TenX and 3) Safex.
First thing they do is go to the websites. Read up and watch youtube videos. And then maybe they will be more cautious and the last thing they will do is take a stroll through the community groups and forums.

The moment they spotted a post like the fuck up you wrote, they’re out. Why? Why would they be confident if someone holding the tokens are whining? You are doing exactly what it takes to reduce your entire investment to ZERO. And the more you panic, the more your investments will be gone when it comes to altcoin investment.

Now i would advise you to really truly investigate and research more on crypto before you lose your cool and start rants like this one.

Lastly, i would like to end with providing a summary of what is actually happening in the altcoin markets right now.

Most of the initial ICOs which actually have good work progress done, and had good team and tremendous backing are performing poorly now. Why?

  1. CHINA ICO Ban.

The first event that started a flash crash is because of the China ICO ban. The event sent shock throughout the cryptoworld, and crypto supporters are the ones who remain mostly unfazed. Unfortunately by that time there are already alot of dumb money - the kind of people who refuse to do market research + token research + investor sentiment research before they put money on anything.


So naturally fear gripped them the hardest and they sold in fear. Buying high and selling low. These whiners go around their original community spreading fear and investors confidence dropped, crashing the demand and prices.

  1. ICO epdiemic.

But ICOs are popping up like weeds right now. So every now and then an ICO company pops up and say “WE ARE THE MOON TOKEN WE GO TO MOON YEAH BABY WE ARE THE NEXT BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD YEAAAHHHH” and every single one of those morons will pump money into it.

This actually spreads money very thin. Everytime a new ICO pop up you see the prices of previous ICOs go lower as they sold their investments to buy in on the next best thing. Now, you starting to get a feel of what causes market price movement? Ok…

  1. BTC spike since BCH.
    When BCH came up, everyone wanted to get FREE TOKENS. What happens then is that people are tripping over each other to sell their altcoins to get BTC for the free BCH.
    When this ended there is a slow movement back into altcoins. Everyone saw the slow recovery. The slow progress is due to uncertainty in the market for crypto as the fate of regulator’s acceptance for crypto remains unknown.

  2. Growing acceptance by regulators
    Another run up for BTC saw slower transfer of BTC back into altcoins

  3. BCG
    The same thing that happened with BCH is happening again with BCG and this time with greater punch because most people saw how rich people with free BCH tokens got.

  4. Frightened +grieving investors
    These investors, LIKE YOU, are spreading more fear in their own token community and in so doing, spread more uncertainty and signals to new investors “SEE WHAT I AM DOING? THIS TOKEN IS NO GOOD. TOP INVESTING. DONT BUY IN. GO AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS WHAT YOU SAW ME TYPE SO MY INVESTMENTS WILL TRULY BECOME ZERO YEAHHHHH I AM SO SMART I RANT FRIGHTENED YEAAHHHHHHHH”

This, this is seen in all previous ICOs. Even the BIG TEAMS with solid backing see such fear being spread through their community in these turbulent times. Ok? What you are seeing now is normal. You need to understand that. Stop being a whiner and actually do something to HELP YOUR OWN INVESTMENT.