Blue Screen and an .unportable file appeared

Hello. Im now trying to log in to my version 1.5 which I’ve done many times and am now getting a blue screen. I also see a safex.unportable file. How can I fix this issue? Thanks

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If the .unportable file has appeared, it means something happened that wasn’t quite right… maybe it was closed as it was mid-block sync or something.

But what it means is you need to take remedial action… delete the .unportable file, and I’m told it should open, but will need a Hard Rescan.

I haven’t yet encountered the error myself, so you may also need to delete the wallet data file AND the .unportable file (and just keep the .keys and .twm files). In this case it will see there’s no data file and simply rebuilt it when you go to open it, which will require a full resync anyways.

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