Brainstorm Ideas for Marketplace Mass Adoption

To get more sellers on the SAFEX marketplace, we’ll need to make it easy for sellers to get started. A feature we can integrate into SAFEX’s website would be to enable automatic adding of products when given a link.

We can allow seller to paste in existing link to their eBay, Amazon, or Alibaba products, & the SAFEX marketplace interface will automatically grab all the relevant information (title, description, price, images etc.) & create new products on the SAFEX marketplace.

If we’re able to automate the transition & decrease the barrier of entry, we’ll make it easier for sellers to get on board.

Are there other ideas that will make people adopt this marketplace?


@webber - Thank you for the suggestion on this feed.

I imagine that it would be helpful to have a Site Map for the Buyers/Sellers side of the SAFExchange (marketplace). There is a great deal of education to prepare sellers in advance of promoting their products & services. As “Adult Entertainment,” “Escort Services,” “Mental & Emotional Health Services” and countless other offerings that will benefit from Anonymity begin to come online, a robust educational process will be necessary.

Here are some thoughts:

  1. Tutorial on Wallet Setup and acquiring Safex Cash for Buyers
  2. Tutorial on Wallet Setup for Sellers - How to give an address to a Buyer for Transaction purposes? Protecting & Storing your Safex Cash…
  3. Reputation-Building Process - How do Buyers & Sellers work together to build reputation for Sellers?
  4. Arbitration & Mediation of Disputes
  5. Marketing & Communications for Sellers - (Co-operative Marketing Campaigns could be offered through a Safex Slush Fund created by Safex Investors specifically to support Sellers.)
  6. SAFEX Financing - Creating Micro-Loans for Sellers to get their businesses up and going, with a portions of profits returning to the Safex Community

These are just some initial thoughts in response to your inquiry.


I don’t know if this would be bad for the image of safex or not, but I feel like firearms could potentially be a good fit for a free market. Although again there’s a lot of things that would need to be accounted for to do this responsibly and it might not be possible in the near future.