Brick and Mortar businesses and Safex

Hey everyone,

This gave me an idea:

How about having a bunch of Safex salespeople on the streets, to try to convince merchants to accept Safex as a method of payment?

Good place to start would be where bitcoin is accepted… :slight_smile:

If we provide an incentive (Safex? Fiat?) for those who do go out there, then that could lead to interesting results.

What do you think?


What is the incentive? Not sure where you live but here in the USA I am hearing more issues of banks closing accounts of anybody putting money in their account from coinbase, etc so if they are here they cannot transfer the money into their bank account? what about taxes they would be providing work and not paying taxes on income could be a lot of issues if you are looking in the USA.

In this case, the owner of the Gym is inspired by Safex and this is his way of accumulating them. We will be their customer through the winter months for some of our team members who want to go to that gym :slight_smile: So there, business of the community is the result.

We avoid a lot of problems by paying the Salesforce in Safex, not Fiat.

Regarding taxes, if we adopt the view that Safex is a commodity asset (and not a currency), then that would constitute a neat workaround to the tax issue.

Safex really needs a global Salesforce, in order to get real businesses onboard thus increasing Safex Velocity of Money and adoption. Safex needs someone in HQ to coordinate the Salesforce and offices around the globe.


Not in Australia. The Tax man classed being paid in anything is being paid and the equivalent amount of the goods (or whatever) is used. And the Tax man decides on the price. Our tax man taxes bartering when its above the “hobby” amount.

I am pretty sure most countries are like that.