Bring Safex to Poloniex!


I an effort to increase the SAFE EXCHANGE COIN awareness, we have put in place a small petition to get SAFEX to Poloniex. Whether you trade on the platform or not, we all know that Poloniex has the volume, and the the users to help us popularize SAFEX.

With that being said, please use the link below to sign, share and increase the awareness of this amazing project!




Is this still something to be looked at??

@AuAg i found this a day or two ago??

Was tried early on. Poloniex were more strict than Bittrex.

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I was watching the events from the last few days unfold without saying a thing but when I saw this topic I had to make an account just to comment on how bad of an idea this is.

Poloniex in its current state is crap. This is an undeniable fact and while the trading itself is pretty much ok, the withdraws and support are the main reason why so many people left the platform.

Considering that from what I have seen some people holding SAFEX don’t have the patience to wait a day or two for a reply on a ticket they had in cryptopia, imagine how many topics will be created here and how much nerves will be strained when you don’t get an answer in poloniex for 140 days+.

Yeah… thats not an exaduration, I have had tickets in poloniex considering failed withdraws with funds lost in limbo for hundreds of days without a reply, even having to go as far as contacting BBB (best business bureau) in order to finally get a resolution and a release of funds from the platform to my wallet.

So please, don’t even consider Poloniex for now. maybe if they completely rework and scale their support and way of handling alt coins they will be worth a shot.