Britex delisting

It seems to be playing off word play . The only reason its getting delisted is because of divdents . Could get around that by calling it a support gift lol totally understand that it has allways been public knowledge about the dividents and i think that pump has alot to do with insider knowledge as they were trying to crash safex before delisting . Might aswell create ur own exchange aswell id join .


Go to deposit section, copy your wallet address and send coins to that address.

This may be a blessing in disguise for SAFEX. One would think once SAFEX confirmed it could be relisted on Bittrex. On the other hand SAFEX could open their own exchange also. They tried to control SAFEX maybe SAFEX will control them in the future, who knows wins.


Next Safex Project: Decentralized Exchange!!

It’s already the third topic related to this problem… Can somebody clean this mess? Below the original topic.