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There’s a new phenomenon in bitcoins… 100x leverage trading Bitcoin/USD

bitcoin trading stable this week after decline from heights

bitcoin on the rise…

bitcoin stabilizing at 450 so far…

bitcoin continues stability around 450

btc still holding stable,

6 weeks until halving

Big volume day on BTC and big rise 5%

Halving still 45 days away about 6 weeks. A month and a half

I would guess that this rise is too early and will fall again before halving rise.

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This is sensible, the same feeling crept into my mind when I saw it.

Though the “launch pad” I feel will be somewhere higher up, as in a theory I’m sticking to is that after the halving the price will rally… and up to the halving the price goes up to the “launch pad”

and it could be around 600$ 700$ my guess

And then only after the halving will it rally to more heights in price


BTC at 497$ now

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btc launch padding

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btc trends appear to be up from 200$ prices

rise and drop but on a consistent rise, that’s a trend

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38 days until halving

bitcoin rally mode to 570$ 37 days until halving

bitcoin up on 590 today