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Just been doing my due diligence on the BTC vs BCH debate at the moment and honestly, I really do thing BCH is going to win, at least for the short term. This leads to my question, if BTC struggles, does this have an ongoing affect for Safex since it uses the BTC blockchain?

Not trying to spread FUD, I have a significant investment in safex and not moving it anywhere soon, just a legitimate question I thought others may be able to contribute to and something I’m not that knowledgeable on.

Safex for the win!!!


That is a good question not to mention segwit is coming up in Nov.

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This should not be a problem. We will still be using the BTC blockchain for safex transactions and get off of it asap.

The key here is we are piggy backing on the BTC blockchain building up our network before deploying on Chille.


Gotcha! Thanks Dan for the quick reply on that question Platon inquired on. Keep up the good work man!!


Chille blockchain is based off ethereum? Can you do IOTA?

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