BTC unconfirmed transactions backlog + tx fees

Disclaimer: I have sifted through endless reddit feeds and blogs and forums and cant really find what im looking for. Hoped someone could just give me a quick explanation.

As a lamen with regards to the coding side of things what is (or is there even?) a solution to this massive backlog of unconfirmed transactions? Is there no mechanism to make it easier to mine block, shorten time between blocks and so speed everything up? Miners would be able to make their - currently - huge fees solving more blocks instead of charging loads for a single block and the backlog would start to reduce.

…Now that you’ve stopped giggling…

I get that im not understanding how this really works so any simple explantion would be greatly appreciated… or even a link to a ‘lamens terms’ explanation somewhere. :slight_smile:

“Now that youv stopped goggling” haha yeah people can be very condescending in the crypto world!

Yeah they are working on the “lightning network” which is a sub layer of the blockchain which will allow billions of near instant transactions at a time. Its design allows the creation of payment tunnels between two (or multiple) parties, and smart contracts between payer and receiver. These transactions would be streamlined since they would be off the block chain, so the miners dont need to confirm the transaction against all the blocks on the blockchain.