Bulk Edit Marketplace Prices

Will there be a bulk edit for marketplace sellers? So that they may change their prices for items as the value of Safex Cash increases?


This idea was discussed breifly a few months back. I’m not sure if the plans have changed but this is what i remember on the subject (Dan + team, if anything has changed please update).

There will be a way to “peg” the price of your listings against another currency.

So for example, if one day 1 Safex Cash = $1, and you have a product worth $100, you could peg the price of the product against that exchange rate, meaning it would be listed for 100 Safex Cash.

Lets say the next day Safex Cash increases in value to $1.25, the price could adjust automatically 80 Safex Cash. Then maybe a week later, it drops back down to $1, it would then re-adjust to 100 Safex Cash again.

So there wouldnt be a need to bulk-edit your prices. Obviously the exception would be if you have exchange rates in your supply chain process to deal with (lets say you’re suppler sells in EUR but you’re in the USA.)


That’s correct; the peg would be provided by a service and that service must pay for each price update. Sellers will need to be capable of changing price peg providers.


Cant the peg just follow a median number from exchange data?


no because then it would be centralized; and could be problematic.
The only reliable way is to have a peg provider


Understood nice solution so