Buying directly from instead of through Cryptopia?

I would rather not have to sign up with Cryptopia to get my Safex. I have a Coinbase account. Will I be able to transfer bitcoin from Coinbase and purchase Safex that way though the Safex website? Is there anything in particular I should be aware of doing it this way?

I have an account with Bitstamp where I purchase bitcoin. I’ve used the bitcoin from my Bitstamp account to purchase Safex directly from the website.

The homepage of the website has a menu at the top of the page where you can “Get” your Safex and where you can “Learn” how to get your Safex. You are most likely already familiar with this, but if not, please do select the “Learn” link and become thoroughly familiar with Option 1 and Option 2 for purchasing Safex.

If you already have a Safex wallet where you know the private key and public address you would want to use Option 1. If you didn’t or if you just wanted a new private key and public address you could choose Option 2.

I store all my Safex coins in the Safex Wallet v0.0.3 that I downloaded from the website. The wallet created a pubic address and private key for me. From the top of the website you would want to select “Get”, choose how many coins you want to buy and then “Proceed to payment”.

Since I already had an address, I selected Option 1. Option 1 will ask you to provide your public address where the Safex will be delivered, and it will also provide an address where you need to send your bitcoins as payment. Once you have this address you will want to head over to Coinbase and withdraw your bitcoin to that bitcoin address provided from Option 1.

Just be sure to watch the video for Option 1 and only buy a small amount of Safex to verify that you receive your coins using this mechanism.

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Hello jcasale,
Thank for all the informations.

I have one more question about this : I have only 0.015 BTC and actually the minimum for 10 000 safex is at 0.09 btc. How can I buy safex if I don’t have enought bitcoins?

Thanks by advance

Due to what is happening, I would suggest you don’t buy from this site at the moment (the cost is insane due to supply) just wait until another exchange trades it

Thank you for the response :smiley: . I hope good news will appear this week end.

Just sit tight and keep an eye out :slight_smile:

Sounds like somethings brewing…

its been an hour (im about to reset the countdown for the 2nd time) since i paid the btc. is this normal?

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Could have been a slow down in the bitcoin blockchain, or your connectivity to the site has dropped. But if you’re sure that you made the payment correctly, you could just leave the site and eventually the coins will arrive on your address. (within 24 hours)

You can buy Safex from the official website at this adress (I checked -it works;-)

and I also found very nice tutorial for the beginners -how to buy Safex from the official website

enjoy :hibiscus:

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