buying from

Anybody know when I’ll be able to buy again on the official site?

Bittrex doesn’t work for me, can’t verify account and customer service is non-existent so can’t fix it.

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At this time it is disabled as we focus all resources on wallet completion. We expect to have it back up during the week, you could also consider:


Thanks, I will try there then.

May I ask a quick question though? When the wallet comes out (and when chilie coins come out), must I move my coins or do anything with them? They will be tied to a printed out BTC address.

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We will enable safex chat and safex vote into the wallet, you could import from the paper to the wallet to participate in that.

With Chille launch you will need to transfer your safex into the chille blockchain.

Okay. Thanks for the info.

I will be a long term holder, I’ll sign up to the newsletter if you have one to know when these transfers are necessary.

I have one last question though before I invest. When the transfer to Chille happens, will this be automatic or manual? If it is manual, how much time would I have to transfer them? I’m just worried there is a time limit as I can work away for a month at a time and it would be unlikely for me to be able to do this away from home.


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@dannybaws I plan and envision that it will not have a time limit, any moment you can convert over to the Chille blockchain.

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Are you thinking a real time air drop?

thank you.

appreciated :wink: