trading open

So I can see SFX is trading at 0.06c on BW, but I cannot deposit. So who is selling? And how are they selling?

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My understanding (based on what I’ve read on their website) is that normal withdrawal and deposit activates after the launch promotion.

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Okay Aussie, the pattern in trading seems very much like bots. Looks really bad if all of a sudden we have $1m+ volume all from bots. Bad idea getting involved in this promotion imo

IMO, all that matters is that we will have another big gateway for people to access TWM without the need of KYC (after deposits/withdrawals are opened) which is really advantageous. The promo brought some spotlight on SFX as well. Verified users received some SFX at a reduced rate - these are the coins available on the market right now. Deposits and Withdrawals (other than SFX) are working fine on this exchange, I already made some trades.