Can i get unbanned from the discord?

Hi guys its been a few months now , can i be ip unbanned please ?

ive done my time ,


Just to spread some weird consipracies, shill random coins, and offend people that do not praise you?

Eddie have some remorse dude , i know you hate my guts as much as you think im the worst person on earth i have contributed in positive ways , i have brought up some good points and have spurred debate in a positive way many times , including having live discussions with Dan , i was in the community way before you too way back in the slack days , i have nothing against you or anyone , and i dont care for being praised never asked for it , and i have only mentioned projects AFTER i had been asked about it , anyway i dont want to keep justifying who i am and what im about i came back to ask and reach out a good hand it kinda saddens me that the first response you have is to shit on me immediately without even giving me a chance. What i find upsetting is as soon as i enter the room , i get people saying jizmo and just being openly rude to me first off , and everyone seems to look the other way ! When i respond i get banned thats totally out of order

nobody gives a shit , ive been totally shut out :frowning: