Can I keep my SAFEX coins on the address i was given?

Hi guys,

i’m new to all of this,

i purchased some SAFEX coins some days ago following method number 2 in the instructions (I was given a private key and public address).

I can now see my SAFEX coins when using this public address on

Question: i see some posts on the forum about moving the coins here and there. Can I simply leave my coins where they are now on this address given to me by Safexchange when i bought them ?

Warning: could be a silly question.:sweat_smile:

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good question! I wonder why there is not a good answere!
I wonder it myself also!

I would have thought that when the new wallet is available to download, it would generate an address for you that you could send your safex coins to directly from omniwallet?

You should be fine to leave your safex at that address. Only need to import the private key into a wallet when you want to move them.

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^^ this, if you’re already on a private key like with Option 2; you’re set in cold storage.

With the wallet when we activate safex voting and safex chat, you’ll want to import your key.

The instructional videos will be super important in all this.


Ok thanks
Awaiting further instructions
My Trezor is on its way, presume I’ll be able to store my Safex private key in there ?

I would not advise storing your safex on a trezor, because at this time there is no support for it by safex. If you do store coins on trezor it will be a PITA to get them out. But not bad idea if you want the coldest storage possible :wink:

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ok clear
thanks Dan

Hi Dan/Milan,

I downloaded the wallet on Mac now, but before installing and playing with it, have you managed to find the time to write a simple procedure to install it and move the coins i purchased using your 2nd option ?

thanks for all the work


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