Can I still buy Safex on Bittrex for the next several days?

Woke up this morning reading this news and had a pit in my stomach like everyone else. After thinking about this over the past few hours, I am thinking these events may actually be a good thing and lead to even greater long term growth. I am a top 25 holder of the coin and would like to wait a few days to pick up another 1-2 million Safex on the cheap.


Of course you can still buy it as long as its listed…

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Their loss is our gain. Who pussies out over this insignificant setback doesn’t deserve to share the glory of SAFEX. :slight_smile:

Besides it’s abt the philosophy of SAFEX, not a few cents on the dollar. :wink:

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It also doesn’t mean that chilie or whatever it will be called won’t be listed as it’s used for purchasing goods/services instead of collecting dividends. Bittrex is all that and a bag of chips ether, I like cryptopia better because I can trade without giving out my SSN (even with the 1500 safex withdrawal fee).