Can someone answer this to me?

I have a question, maidsafe and is there any special connection between the SEC? When participating in the raise do see can use BTC or maid.Can someone answer this to me?The SEC is only Safe Exchange?Now in China some people want to know the SEC, but less Chinese language materials, you can only see the raise time could use the maid to participate in, know that they have a relationship.The SEC is only Safe Exchange?Do you know the meaning of I want to express?

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The SEC only applies to Safe Exchange. (its an application)

The MAID is only a token to be converted to SAFEcoin when the SAFE network is running with its coin.

There is NO relation between SEC and MAID

There is NO relation between SEC and SAFEcoin

MAID will be converted to SAFEcoin on a 1:1 basis at a later time

Safe Exchange is an application that will operate using the safe network. Just like a website uses the internet.


so, we can not purchase sec at poloniex?

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not yet. But soon!? :slight_smile:


Ditto, I see Poloniex adding SEC very soon. What @dallyshalla has created is fantastic and has a lot of potential.

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