Can someone explain the idea of 'lost' Safex coins?

Trying to get a better understanding instead of trying to guess what lost means. If there are a number of lost coins, will/when will we know how many and what effects does it have overall?

“Lost” coins basically means coin not moved into the SAFEX wallet by the time the market place starts running. The dividend earnings are split between coins that are in the wallet only.

You can see how many coins are in the wallet here

This is where the private keys (or wallet with only copy of the keys) is lost, forgotten. This means those coins in the addresses of the lost keys cannot be moved ever again.

In a sense they are not lost (unknown) just that no one can move them. The omnicore knows the addresses which every single coin is at.

Sadly could also be people that have passed on or become incapacitated… Coins never to be accessed again…

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