Can we still move safex?

With btc transactions falling behind what will happen to peoples’ safex? Since we use the same blockchain does this mean safex will also get stuck if we try to move it? And in this case what will we do in order to get our safex attributed to ourselves on the new blockchain once that goes live.

Are you talking about the Bitcoin Mempool?

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yeah since people are saying its filling up and falling behind I am worried as to whether I can still move my Safex from exchanges to my wallet.

Don’t worry about it.

Mempool size is headed in the right direction:

Hash rate will rebound with added capacity:

Business as usual imo.

Quick update on the situation:

“As per #BCash’s EDA, the difficulty will adjust upward in a little over 3 hours. At that point it will become more profitable to mine #bitcoin over #bitcoincash again. #Bitcoin block times will go down, mempool will empty, and fees will go down.”

Can you provide links to those graphs please. They look quite informative

Follow Matthew Odell, he posted those graphs. His feed is A++!

The graphs I grabbed are on his feed, just scroll a little bit and you should see them.


cool, appreciate the info. I feel better about my safex now, but still can’t wait until I can move them to our own blockchain.

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