Can we store our SAFEX coins on Ledger Nano S hardware wallet ?

If we cannot use hardware wallets to store Safex coins, how can we store them safely ?

Wallet being released on Wednesday 9th Aug.

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Can you provide source for this?

Yes, everyone keeps saying this but where is this announcement ?

Storing them in a SAFEX software wallet does not allow us to store SAFEX safely.
Even if we convince the ledger guys to add SAFEX to the ledger nanos, would we get chilli coins?

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ive been anticipating safex to pump since i bought in at 100sats :slight_smile: lol youtube guy is way late.


Very good question. I’m interested to know. Maybe someone from the team can explain what the probability of this happening is… and when we can expect the update… As i just want to get the best kind of wallet for my coins.

Its aug.9th Hopefully you didnt buy based off of fake info and hype?
Ive been collecting safex for a bit anticipating one of these pumps and i had fun while it lasted.
Bought back way more safex on its bottom after selling at the fake pumped up top.
I support safex but if it starts to move super fast look out because im selling all my safex before the drop and waiting till it hits bottom :slight_smile: Anything that moves fast is not healthy growth and is bound to come back down.

You could store your keys and wallet backup in an encrypted file using veracrypt…

Exactly. But you must never forget the veracrypt password.