Can you also let people pay you with SEC on SAFEx?

Some people say SEC is a access token, I just say that it’s “cold hard cash”, but what I wonder is:
Can you also let people pay you with SEC on SAFEx for your goods/services?

I don’t see why not. Its like any other object and can be transferred easily from one person to another

It seems super logic, that you could also pay for goods/services with SEC. It’s just that SEC is talked about in the sense that it’s for commenting and voting. Maybe another crazy thing is possible with SEC, listing contracts on SAFEx.

The idea now is that SAFE Exchange is powered by the SAFE Network. Don’t get me wrong “I love the SAFE Network”, but depending on how much it cost to list a contract, you could potentially also keep the data on another platform. For instance if you could keep the picture of your listing on and pay with SEC to list your contract. Although depending on the external tech used, to list a contract, this scenario would highlight SEC as a option to list a contract. It would also give SEC more value, because it can be use to comment/vote and list contracts. Dealing with 2 coins to do 1 thing has never been the ideal way todo things for some people.

It seems good to also offer prepaid SEC which can be bought with fiat to people. Not many people can/want/understand an exchange or converting currencies. So prepaid SEC’s would be a nice option.

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Consider that you do not need SEC to participate in the exchange. You must have Safecoin, and primarily we will deal with Safecoin. As an owner of SEC you gain Safecoin therefore, you should buy to keep them rather than to spend them like currency.

Quick answer to that… anyway people should be able to spend sec as they please is also sure.


something came to mind, just a brain storm but… if you wanted to:

load up a card with SEC, and have automatic safecoin go to that card which you can then use to spend on the town, that sounds like a fun way to use safecoin

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