Can't Migrate

Hi guys, i have have successfully imported my my safex change coins from my Omni wallet to the new version 7 wallet using the omni private key. The total has showed up with the correct amount of safex change coins and bitcoin .But when I press the Migration button and I go through to the next page the
there are 2 addresses, they do not match the omni address that I imported. Also both addresses have no balances, have logged off and then logged back into the new version 7 wallet several times only to repeat the same result. Not sure if I have missed a step somewhere after watching Dan’s video on migration. I would appreciate some help as I am so close to completing the Migration process.
Kind Regards and many thanks, Joe.

Did you get to the step where it shows “new address”, “previously used address”, and “use my Safex address”? Everyone will have brand new addresses and new private keys for migration since it’s moving to a new blockchain. New addresses begin with “Safex”.


Thank you for your reply. After putting in my password that allows me enter the version 7 wallet, the only address that i have is my Omni wallet private key and the Public key
that I imported. And when click on Migrate button on the top of the top right side the first page that shows my safex changs coins and bitcoin balance. I go through to the next page that only shows 2 addresses that do not match my private omni public key and have zero balances, so because the 2 wallets are empty there is no Migrate button to click. So to answer your question, I only have my old omni safex address that I imported. The wallet will not let me perform the migration to obtain the the brand new addresses to move old safex to the converted the safex token and safexcash .
Hope this makes sense to you. I really appreciate your help.

I think I have know the problem is . I have the default address , the Omni address I imported and a third address that I have discovered when I click on the archive button. The default wallet address and the third address both go through to the migration page and the imported address with the balances s stays on the previous page. Is there away I Can delete the third unwanted wallet. Again hope this all makes sense.
Regards Joe.

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Sorry I meant to say. is there any way I can delete the the third address not the third wallet.

You can’t delete an address from the wallet, but it should not harm you. You can keep it out of sight in the archive.

Please let us know if you need any further guidance

Thanks Dan, got it all sorted and have successfully migrated my coins. Thank to all those who have helped with their kind words of advice, have a merry Christmas and look forward to being apart of the forum next year.