Cant open installed safex wallet for whatever reason

I can not open the safex wallet as it was working fine earlier and now no pop up or anything just will not open after multiple restarts. I was thinking of reinstalling and I have the wallet # and password written down and cant yet find the security key but sure I will find it. I just want to see if I do install and unable to find security key and reinstall if I will be able to access or what is the best route to go through. I was hoping to go about this tonight without the security key im sure in the wallet so any help would be great thanks!

If you havent exported the keys before your issue to open the wallet i dont think you can access it anymore unless you manage to get it open. Logically a clean install will wipe the wallet.

You can copy the wallet file found in your Home folder called safexwallet.dat

cmd + shift + H on mac
and its in your c:\users\ “you username” forlder on wndows

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@dandabek, thank you very much! I highly appreciate you personally engaging to answer questions as much as you do on the forum.

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I’m no expert …but did you check if your antivirus put your wallet in the quarantine ?