Chille Coin Logo

Agreed, the trailer should be updated. I also hope the Chille logo will have a more unique identity (not related to Coca Cola). All updates could come together in the new trailer. I am even willing to go that far to ask my designer to make a Chille logo concept which may or may not be used by the Safex team on their discretion.


We are already in progress changing all of the presentation and chille branding.


My first reaction to seeing the chille logo was that it was too close to Coca Cola. Along with that feeling, it makes it seem like the production was a bit lazy and lacks creativity and commitment. I’m glad to see you’re working on new branding, and looking forward to seeing the changes!

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Just going to say this once. There was nothing lazy about picking a controversial design ;D

I’m glad we can all converge on something :slight_smile: :city_sunrise:


A lot of people feel this way. I on the other hand like it. At first glance you get a vibe you can instantly relate to, it creates an opportunity for people that notice the similarity to become attracted to Chille.


Hi Dandabek & guys,

I’ve been following safex for a good while now, I love the project, I do have to chime in here, I’ve been a brand designer for 20 years, I’ve worked with corporates, supermarkets, tv stations etc, your project is a good one, please be careful with the branding.

Someone need to clarify this, Coca Cola have a track record of coming down very heavily on anything that even remotely “borrows” the ribbon trademark feel or look. The trademark is not the font but the ribbon device, you can see this is using a font created directly from the coca cola signature ribbons, a lawyer would have no problem proving this alongside an expert brand designer.

It’s not worth bringing unwanted legal attention to your project, and it doesn’t benefit you in anyway.

For a project like this fire off a brand request on a site like (go for gold package) you’ll get some very high end properly done branding back and you could then pick a logo alongside the community.

For Chille Blockchain, you’re better off with something sharp, simple and avoiding the obvious use of chillies, last thing you want a state of the art blockchain project to look like is a Peri Peri chicken sauce!

Just my 2 cents worth!



Absolutely agree here, my 15+ years around design and branding says keep it clear and simple, don’t over graphically design this, it must be instantly recognizable from a distance, 2 colours and striking crypto influenced design…my 2 cents :blush:


Great advice Groove. I actually do like the Chille logo they currently have, but I have to agree that Coca cola is going to come after them. I know you suggested going to 99designs, but did you have a design in mind yourself?


Since we seem to be a few experienced designers here on the forum maybe Safex Team could host a competition where we, the members can enter with a design that safex either can use or take inspiration from? :slight_smile:


I’m not a designer by no means but I can draw and I have a really good idea that may be useful. I whipped up something freehand that is pretty cool and attractive yet simple. A designer can turn this idea into something special I think. Let me know if I should post a pic.

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Great idea

Please don’t grill our current designer. He put together what he was asked to do in the specification. He has a few proposals that we will all vote on. It will take place during October. Stay Tuned.

If you want to propose some ideas I do insist that our Nikola is going to make the final cut.


hey dan, ofcourse Nikola should make the final cut :slight_smile: Just thought that alot of members had some ideas and input! And that is never wrong :smiley:


I’d suggest something along the lines of a symbolic stylised flame and a letter C to suggesting “burning it into the blockchain”.

Less is more in this space as the coin logo should be identifiable from a very small size, the Bitcoin logo is almost a perfect example of how branding should be done.

Neo and it’s simplicity is another belter of a rebrand (for those of you who don’t get the cleverness behind it, the N is made to look like a block as well as a lower case n). Antshares was a disaster of a branding exercise which held them back, the NEO rebrand demonstrated this beautifully as the world suddenly took them seriously.

Thanks, I could come up with dozens of ideas if it was still the kind of work I wanted to do, I left graphic design to make real money elsewhere, I’d rather pay someone to do it now, if you have a system like 99 designs where you can have 60 seasoned rated professionals providing 60 finished logos by the deadline, you’ll find it hard to beat that, some of the guys on there are charged out at thousands by high end agencies who use sites like that. You can then take the logo work, put it out to vote and refine it down further with your own internal designers. SFX88 is spot on.

@molex @obsidian

Any updates on this topic? Are we going to see this on the whitepaper?


I agree with that.
I don’t like the “pirate bay” (considered negatively) and Chille needs his own font.
We can help us if you need specific skills.

I have 700,000 safex and I believe in you guys ! You re a game changer !


Expect the update sooner rather than later friend.


Is the revised Chille logo going to be ready when the retooled website is released?