Chille Coin

Do I have to put my safex shares into the Safex wallet in order to get my Chille coins, or can I keep it on Bittrex?

I believe you will need to put it in wallet but it should earn Chille even on the exchange. Not positive. I have a bunch of NEO and when I transferred to the wallet, the GAS coins were there for me to claim.

what NEO wallet did you use? gui? I am going to take my NEO off of the exchange today.

NEON Wallet

When are we getting more info on this chille coin. I could not find a white paper talking about it in detail.

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I’m not exactly sure. They are saying before the new year.

See this posts:

Neon wallet easier unless you want to wait 2 days for the blocks to catch up for GUI. Mine took forever.

Neon works just fine though and can still claim the gas easy peasy

Follow up question, and maybe I missed this in a previous topic, but how many shares does one need to get 1 Chille coin?

that has not been defined yet, it depends on many factors and the team is working on that with economists to define the parameters in the next couple of months

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newb here, so I am a bit confused. I’ve seen some places say that we will earn dividends in the form of safex, and others say we get dividends from chille coins…so I’m trying to understand what exactly is going on here. And also when the dividends are scheduled to start so i can move my coins to my own wallet from an exchange

All safex coins already exist and are distributed, so it has to be in chillie coins.

The dividends are according to how many safex coins you hold in the safex wallet.

oh cool. So we will transfer those to our wallets when the blockchain goes live and get chille off of those after.

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When SAFEX is transferred over to the chillie blockchain and the market is live then the dividends will start. Prior to that there is a “airdrop” of chillie coins to those that have safex in their safex wallet. The amount of chillie you get in the air drop will be according to how many safex coins you have

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and we will be informed of the airdrop ahead of time though so everyone can get their coins in order at that time if I understand correctly

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