Chille Marketplace Targets

Hey Safex Team!

I’ve been wanting to start a discussion on possible chille markets for some time, and the discord is a little too unorganized for this type of thing so I figured the forum would be the best spot.

We as Safex holders care only about one thing, dividends. Coin price means nothing to us in this regard; the only two factors that matter are the amount of Safex we hold and the trade volume of the marketplace. In order to make sure trade volume continues to grow we need to actively target certain markets and advertise chille to them. Which is what I want us as a community to discuss, which markets to target.

It’s difficult to speculate how this is all going to work at this point with how little we know about the upcoming chille marketplace, but it’s never too early to strategize. Currently we know Dan and his team are focused mainly on the Balkans, and becoming some sort of hybrid between Etsy and Amazon. There’s been mention of the marketplace being used to sell more than just goods, but also services, such as hiring translators and coders across boarders. This is a fantastic goal and I think it’ll go acceptionally well, but if we are going to move towards global adoption we need more.

Whenever potential markets on the marketplace are brought up there’s always a certain topic that divides the community, so let me address that elephant in the room now. Drugs are going to be listed on the marketplace. There’s no way around it. Chille is an anonymous marketplace and it’s inevitable that it will be used to sell morally gray goods. However, the Silk Road only had an annual trade volume of 2 Billion if I remember correctly, and while that is nothing to scoff at, it is far from our overall goal.

So let’s brainstorm, what should we target once the marketplace goes live? What can we as Safex holders do to introduce Chille to other businesses while Dan and his crew focus on the Balkans?

Me personally I think Chille will be right at home in the San Fernando valley of California. Porn is a $94 Billion industry, and one that would benefit greatly from anonymity. No more credit card payments linking back to buyers, and even porn stars can benefit from anonymity as their privacy is constantly threatened in thus ever increasingly connected world we live in. And at a 5% fee, anonymity is something that industry can afford.

The porn industry is already making moves towards introducing Bitcoin and even their own ICOs, but it’s no match for Safex or Chille. We should beat them to the punch and capture San Fernando first.

Let me hear your ideas!


IMO, we should target everyone by showing the Chille Marketplace is Faster, Cheaper, and Easier compared to other decentralized marketplaces. If we do it well… others, no matter who they are, will follow the stages below for mass adoption.

Important note: A Chille profile can be made public by using SAFEX. This is for people trying to build reputation and name recognition as a buyer or seller or both.

Mass adoption requires 3 elements in “public” perception.

  • Trust
  • Recognition
  • More Useful

TRUST: takes the longest to build and requires peer review (not us). It requires opposing views to be proven wrong. This is not about debating skeptics but consistent delivery of a reliable marketplace. The worst thing that can happen is a malfunctioning network. This is paramount to achieving trust with the community.

RECOGNITION: can be done with great marketing. But the most powerful tool is “other” voices talking about the Chille Marketplace. A friend of a friend of a friend is how things go viral. The best thing we can do is make Chille “better” than anything else out there… and keep improving it!

MORE USEFUL: means how much faster, cheaper, easier they can use the Chille Marketplace compared to other marketplaces. We need “outside reviewers” to compare us to other marketplaces. It is important to know what they think and what needs improvement. Otherwise someone else will make the improvement and siphon the population.

Often times, people see a tool as useful for something that is not what the inventor intended.


If WE list drugs? :slight_smile: We will not control whats being listed and what not (other from a voting function maybe).

To the thread maker!

Good points and i agree, the porn industry really benefits from anonymity mainly the buyers though. Porn stars with their own companies would also benefit and as we all know the porn industry have a really high turnover… if Chille marketplace would get even 5% of that it would be massive. I think its worth exploring what you said but i bet that Dan with his team will soon make a reply here with a smart response :slight_smile:

Regarding the translations i bet the holders from various countries would be glad to help out translating the marketplace into their native languages! I wouldn’t mind translating it so Swedish if necessary!

Good thoughts and I am sorry for my sentences being a bit blurry, but i don’t English good bro :slight_smile:



Maybe an idea to continue this discussion behind closed doors. Especially when brainstorming: We are giving possible great ideas away to possible competitors.


Drugs on clearnet market? This can only end up in one way… Dev team will go to jail, simple as that… We must find a way to keep drugs off the market.


devs can not go to jail for that. It will be decentralized …

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You think gov cares about that? If you make a platform, and other people are using it to sell drugs, you are instantly involved…


Like Dan posted earlier in another thread:

“We won’t be able to be shut down unless govt bought enough mining power to defeat the legit miners.”

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Hmm and what does it mean exactly? Marketplace cannot be shut down, but the devs will end up in jail for atleast a decade…

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So did the developers of Tor go to jail? Were they even questioned by police? And yet the biggest publicly available market place of drugs existed there.

No to both. So why would the developers of a generalised market place go to jail for a seller’s offers?

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Tor was developed by the US government. Not too many of those people go to jail.


You are comparing two completely different things with eachother… I know what you want to say but the thing is, government doesn’t give a slightest f**k about it… if drugs are involved, they will put dev team in jail and there is no other way around it.


Well pick any number of other systems people use to (covertly) advertise the sale of drugs.

All those sales go over the internet, so are ISPs taken to court for allowing those packets traverse their networks since those packets contain the advertisements? Gumtree or ebay with those covert advertisements, do they sue ebay?

What of newspapers or other systems that allow public advertisments, or the Sunday markets where some are (openly) selling drugs. Do they take the organizers to court? Well only if the market is specifically for drugs.

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Yes but most tor nodes are run by people and not government. Do they take those people to court? NOPE doesn’t happen. But without those people running the tor nodes the silk road could not operate, so the node operators were directly helping silk road to operate.

Th e only way the developers would be targeted is if they were producing a drug market software and even then they would usually have to be involved with the actual running of the drug market.

This is a generalised market system and not specific for illegal goods. This is the difference. But also the dev team is only writing the system and not actually operating the market.

Learn a bit about Laws and their enforcement before starting this FUD


Everybody has a right to believe their own thing, but if drugs will be involved then you will see that you are wrong. I’m pretty familiar with laws, you should learn about a thing called Ex post facto law.

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No you are wrong its a marketplace being set up to sell goods. If someone post illegal things on there for sale they are liable for being busted. There are drugs and prositution being sold on craigslist on a daily basis do think they go after the creator of craigslist and pin it on them no. Its a marketplace no one can control what is being sold on there its only the people selling that’s gonna take the risk. Honestly man wake up and quit talking so stupid the only way the dev team would get arresting if they were selling illegal goods on chillie or made the market place soley for selling illegal goods. Its just like them saying bitcoin is used for buying and selling drugs but every currency on earth has been used for that in some way shape or form. They better go after the creators of all currenceys and arrest them because the money is being used for illegal goods.


Shame you were not familiar enough with it to know how and when it can be done. :wink: EDIT: forgot to add that MOST of the countries disallow retrospective laws in their constitution and/or governing culture and my country which does allow it only has ever done it once in the last 50 years and the other time was for war crimes.

But since the laws around such market places has a lot of history and legal precedent your idea is bogus. History and parallel examples show that your fear & uncertainty of it is unfounded. The doubt you create is only in the less experienced people visiting the forum.

The market places that sees the originators arrested are the ones where the market is specifically setup and/or stand behind the illegal goods being sold. Most market places are general ones or specific for non-illegal goods and as such any illegal goods sold on them is the total responsibility of the seller and/or buyer.

Agree and good summation.


@dyamanaka I agree with your notes entirely, I think the chille marketplace will serve everyone well and we as a community should target every industry . But, I just wanted to start this thread in order to discuss who we should target first. This all needs to start somewhere. Which is why I brought up the porn industry. I think the anonymity Chille offers would serve that industry well. I have no stake in that industry as it stands now, I was just bringing up a potential target.

In the discord chat one community member (I forget who, so apologies in advance) suggested we target as they have been offering payment in bitcoin, but recently just dropped it as a payment option as the fees were too expensive. I think this is a brilliant market to focus on. Ideas like this what I want us to start talking about.

@dogberry solid point on the potential of leaking ideas to competitors through threads like this. Should I delete the thread? If so, where can we move this conversation in order to keep potential strategy safe?

Which countries jail do you think the dev team will end up in @neurolicious ? If you think the USA will come knocking then I think they’ll have trouble, since Serbia doesn’t have an extradition agreement with the USA.

If the Safex community attempts to regulate what goes onto the marketplace we will ultimately be responsible for it. By not regulating, but instead separating (and in some cases hiding certain markets through an eleberate search menu) types of goods we’ll be in the clear.


we as a community should target every industry.

This, in my opinion is the most important aspect. This project should be about decentralization first. Chille should exist for everyone out there who could benefit from using it. I’m new to everything about all of this blockchain stuff, but decentralization is the point of it all, isn’t it? I may not understand it all, but I at least understand that money needs to be taken away from the institutions that were set up to control us.

I’m also no idealist. I’m a pragmatic who sees a world the way it is…take it or leave it. I used to think that money is the way it is because it is the way it is. But I have learned through studying the kinds of things that are going on here that money only holds power because those in power wish it to be so. Once money is taken out of the equation, most conceptual power is nearly erased.

But I digress. My point is that I’m hoping to see what this dev team can come up with for a marketplace. I think targeting every available market is a good thing. Face it, people will do drugs, and they will pay for them. If the technology exists to make that a little bit easier, then who are we to stand in the way. Heck, I was alive when porn was considered as dangerous, if not more so, than drugs.

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Some people wont be able to conceptualize what the word everything means in this context but… Everything.