Chille timeline

So in the next 10 days, all this is supposed to be released plus a new website.

Can you update the timeline with the new dates?

Would this not be financial year?

i think so :slight_smile:


And obviously these timelines are not going to be met. Nothing wrong with that, Wallet did not meet deadlines either, but still came out in reasonable time.

But it is year not financial year since the 2017 finished July '17 And the 1017/2018 financial year is what we are now in. Also not all countries have the same financial year definitions.

Ok. Just that in the UK quaters are generally only used for financial years and the 17 financial year would end in March. Not fussed eitherway, delays happen.

Dan spent a fair amount of time in USA and Mexico (I think) and I always took his quarters to be that of the computer industry as a whole and that is Q1 is Jan-March