Clarity about the mining farm

Hi, i’ve been following the project for a while and investing in it.

I’ve always respected the hardwork the team and specially Dan provided.

But i’ve one question that arise now and by no means i want to disturb the peacefull growth of safex, i just think it could be a point to clarify.

I’ll adress this to you Dan, since you have a huge farm mining SFX for quite some time now, i wonder, how many pourcentage of the total supply have you already mined ?

The organic growth of the safex ecosystem will be determine by many many point, and one arise among them, it’s the good and fair distribution of the coin.

Of course some hold more than other, but if the founder itself has already farm 20% or even more of the total supply, it will negatively impact the growth of both sfx and sft.

We have suffered from the hack and getting over it, here i’m asking for clarity and honesty about your farm and will genuinely appreciate your if you could make public this subject as it can be a “no go” for a big player to enter the safex ecosystem.

I hope you understand my intention,

Thank you

(Appologize my grammatical mistakes, i’m not a native english speaker)

Apart from the fact that just like every other miner, Dan had to cough up and buy his rigs, I’m really not sure why you’d think Dan’s farm could account for anything like 20% of mined SFX.


Presently, his ~60 miners only account for ~8% of the workers on pool, and the pool only accounts for about 50% of total hashrate.

In the last couple of years, skypool has been the big miner in the game (making Dan’s 60 rigs look almost microscopic, by comparison), and they always auto sell their SFX on Xcalibra… so the community has absorbed the vast majority of the mined coins.

And that’s not even considering the emission curve for SFX means only about 13% of the supply has currently been mined.

So it’s all a matter of perspective.


Hi. I can’t talk on behalf of Dan but it is far away from truth. Today there are only 12.6% SFX mined, so there are still a lot to be mined. On second side, with his ±90 rigs you can provide around 1MH, which is compared to current network hashrate of 20MH around 5%. This network hashrate was lower at the beginning ofc, but if I remember correctly Dan didn’t had those rigs from start. Also there were days of much higher network hashrate which ends up on even lower %.


Needed some fact like that, thank you ! I’m pretty unaware of the mining thing as you can tell, it was more a though from what i saw with this farm than anything else.

thank you


January 7