CMC stuff up

CMC have just listed SFT as having been supposedly listed by LA token. Follow the link there though and it’s a thing called star finance.


I sent a request to CMC to remove that, you can do the same


What about these ?

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Those coins aren’t appearing against the Safex Token cmc feed.
When Dan said he asked them to remove it, he means from our market list, not from cmc entirely.

Many many coins share the same ticker symbols. Not just us. That’s just crypto.


Thanks for the clarification.

I did not see for myself the LA token bit “listing” so I did not quite get it .


I am investigating what can be done about the ticker symbols. Not every crypto has a duplicated ticker symbol and especially we shouldn’t have this.

Hopefully gets resolved, but yes the only real issue is that they are linking the volume to the wrong coin.


Supposed LAtoken listing of SFT has since been taken down. As Dan said it appeared among official exchanges listing our SFT but the link led you to a different project with SFT.

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Yes thanks again, I understood that.

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