CN-r Fork

Is there any plans to fork to the new CN-r algo?

Raised in an early development update around the time CN-R came out: Safex Development Update - March 11, 2019

They’ve isolated key components of the CN-R fork that’ll be advantageous to the Safex blockchain.

However, the team have an upcoming fork to deal with which includes modifications to the blockchain database structure to accomodate marketplace data.

Forking just for the CN-R algo, and then forking shortly after again for the base marketplace updates would be a logistical nightmare. Therefore it’ll all most likely be incorporated into a single forked update.

Remember when we forked to CN-V8? It took a lot of time and effort and several months to get node operators, pool ops and exchanges to update the daemons.


Absolutely. no reason to do it twice. Thanks for the answer pal