Coinbase backed competitor ! Your Thoughts!

Public Market has built an open data protocol for eCommerce marketplaces that offers commission-free transactions and token rewards.

One of the projects backed by Coinbase

With just beeing a Protocol probably on Ether (as I didn’t found any information about that in their white paper ) they’ll have less to implement but probably much less privacy as well.

But they put though into how to get mass adoption and their payback strategy sounds reasonable…

Even though they offer less than safex does, a great share of the people might not be won be privacy but by the savings the marketplace offers - and there they probably will be as good as safex.

Since they are way behind still we still have the first mover advantage, the better privacy with own coin and not just visa, etc.

But for the common user we definitely have to see that we are at least as visible as them and as easy to use as amazon…

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I researched this indepth, not much depth! (months ago)

either way it is a world marketplace so we support it too! even though idk. :slight_smile:

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IMO there is a lot of market share in centralized marketplaces to be taken by de-centralized marketplaces before we de- must compete with each other. That competition will be value vs value. (We be more gooder than them) !

I think this will introduce more people to the thought of using crypto for online market place, after there educated in the details they will instinctively migrate to the SAFEX Marketplace as most people don’t want second best. :wink:

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