Coins gone on Cryptopia

Hi, i had about 80.000 Safex coins still on Cryptopia. I had not logged in on Cryptopia for about half a year, but today I did it. And guess what? No Safex coins visible on Cryptopia? WTF? How can I get them back?
And which safex wallet is the right wallet where i can see my initial coins too?

Please help people…


Please raise a ticket directly with Cryptopia. They announce delisting of the coins over 9 months ago, and i beleive they gave everyone 30 days to withdraw. In addition they didnt actually stop sync’ing the wallets until early August last month.

Raise a ticket with them as a few have had some level of success with it. However, there is no gurantee as they did announce delisting 9 months ago.


Please keep in touch about your experience