Coins missing


I did the migration last week but I have nothing in my wallet.
I check history and they have 16/16 confirmations. I also checked in safex blockain explorer but nothing appers with the transaction hash

Could someone help me?

my adress is :


Sorry, but you rushed the process and failed to set the second half.

Although you have 3 outgoing txns, two relate to burn attempts, meaning only 1 half set.

You need to Reset and go thru steps 1-4 again, but use the block explorer after step 3 to watch for the txn to be confirmed, then return to the wallet and set the second half in Step 4.

After that is done successfully, your previou burn will get registered.

Thank you so much for your help and your time.

I already have my coins in the wallet and in the migration table.

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