Coinspot and UpBit haulted SAFEX trading

Hi All,

Not sure if you’re aware that both coinspot and upbit have now halted SAFEX trading, your thoughts on this?


I usually like to read a few posts on a forum before I post, but that’s just me.


Yeah but upbit halted when bittrex halt.

We have to wait until monday and hold

Do you honestly think Monday is gonna be a magical day that will fix all this?? I doubt it will be more likely info on how things are gonna progress towards the future. You have no choice but to hold till Monday and past it. I’m all for safex but people gotta start being realistic already this mess is far from fixed. I hope to see them on a exchange really quick again but could be weeks or months till that happens.

Agree you’re looking at months, and then again the other Exchanges’ would be looking at the current shenanigans and thinking ‘taking Safex on board may be a risk’…
Also I’m not IT savy but if an exchange lists Safex now won’t they then have to put a lot of resources into accommodating the new blockchain and coin in the next 3 months?

I HAVE SAFEX ON BITERX WITH DURATION OF 14 DAYS. So how do I withdraw safeccoin? help me.

Get a wallet dude and transfer them in

Look for safex wallet on google, if you can’t get the one from

There’s the same on GitHub apparently just make sure you get the right ome

I assume they haven’t locked your coins up, I gotta do it too (wallet them) but was gonna get a apple computer first for security, I’m on coinspot they have halted safex but nothing else so far. disappointing cause others won’t see it to buy but I’ve got mine and I’m not selling these, all my other coins are for profit. My SAFEX is staying with me as I want to see this develop and I dont care if I risk my whole investment, although I dont see risk with SAFEX

you have to put your safex coins in a private wallet, apparently if you leave it on a exchange you wont get dividends that will be paid out accordingly,if you dont store em bitrex and the like they will get the dividends.

to download wallet go to

copy your safex private key into your exchange then transfer

i am Thank you. Dontsellyet…

You use the public key to transfer out, not private. It requires you to send coins out of the wallet on bittrex to an address (public key). Private key should not be used for this and could compromise security, not sure if it would even work or not as I have never tried and never will.

Not private key, as above.

Hey @RIddla187 im about to transfer my safex from coinspot to safex wallet. Did u have any issues.

No issues, I did this last night.

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Thanks mate

No problem, i transferred a fair bit as well and it cleared in my wallet about 5 minutes.