Hello new here but I hold some safex. Has anyone here have a CoinSpot account? Can not deposit funds on weekends. So any suggestions on an other exchange. Cheers

Hi DOMD… I use Coinspot.

You cant deposit money in the weekends at the moment. Poli Pay is offline during the weekends and that would have been the fastest (instant) method.

Bpay or bank deposit takes about three days to clear.

I use Polipay during the week and haven’t had any issues.

Safe Exchange coin sales and buys have been paused while some issues are being sorted. I have Safe Exchange coins with Coinspot and feel confident they will be working for the coin owner in the background.
This is because I asked Coinspot support for some clarification in the issue a few days back.


Hi Andy,
Thank you for your information.
Don’t understand why PayPal is not used first.

It probably would be due to fee’s. By adding PayPal you would be adding an extra costs.

If anything I would think PayPal will add the option to use crypto coins. The ability to charge fee’s there would be their thing. They already charge huge fee’s which is annoying enough.

Paypal allow refunds too easily and for anything like an exchange its too big a risk for them. Until they can solve this then I doubt they will easily accept using paypal