Communication is Key

There’s been a lot of conversation back and forth over the last weekend, between long term investors in SAFEX and people who are rapidly losing faith. So for what it’s worth, I thought I’d throw my 2 sats in.

I’m a career project management consultant, who over the last 25 years has managed and delivered a mixed array of IT and business change projects. In my years of experience, the thing I consider a fundamental requirement for project success is COMMUNICATION.

People are frustrated about the under delivery of the wallet, but that’s not really the issue here; people are actually frustrated by the lack of information as to WHY it’s not delivered.

The SAFEX team announced a delivery date of the wallet, and failed to deliver to that date. I totally understand that in managing a project, delivery dates regularly slip, it’s part and parcel of the job…but the external stakeholders of the project (ie us investors) need to understand why slippage has occurred and what’s being done about it.

We are in an age where communication is free and instant. The lack of updates from the SAFEX team regarding the wallet have led to fear amongst people who have a vested interest in this project (both financially and personally).

Other crypto projects I’ve invested in have multiple daily updates on their website blogs, as well as regular tweets throughout the day; this keeps all stakeholders in the loop of what developments are going on. I’ve no doubt that SAFEX has been going through major developments over the last week, but the communication of that has been sparse to say the least.

You can feel the relief in the forum from the last update (hearing that the team are still around gives people comfort), but these updates need to become part of the everyday management of this project.

I really do believe in SAFEX and what the team are looking deliver, but I have other concerns, namely around branding. The Chille logo is a total rip-off of Coca Cola, and the ship on the homepage is too much like The Pirate Bay logo for my liking (which conjures up negative connotations) - the fact that the message behind the ship has to be explained isn’t a good sign. If this project wants to be taken seriously it needs to have its own unique branding, not lazy copies that require explanations as to the meaning.

Saying all that, I’m sure the team are on a steep learning curve and do hope they will listen to some of the great advice and suggestions from members of this forum.



100% accurate!

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Really appreciate the candid remarks and the constructive critique. I, too, think there is room for improvement in the branding and communications space and would very much like to support that effort in whatever way possible. Has the SAFEX Team considered reaching out to its “shareholders” in order to understand its community a little better?

I think you will find that you have an extraordinarily knowledgeable group of folks who are connected to your project and are open and willing to support the effort. Feel free to call on us often, as we are is invested in your success as you are.

This Tweet from Richard Burton’s Twitter Feed tells only half of the story:

"Your $100 million ICO is not a success.

It is a debt to the community.

You owe us a $100 billion protocol.

Good luck delivering."

I think you have a group of folks in this community who are not limiting their efforts to support you with the words “good luck.” There are clearly some folks in these threads who are more than willing to roll up their sleeves and get busy along side your Team, Dan.

Count me as one of those!


I just want the wallet to come out asap so I can feel whole again. It’s been too long waiting, I’ve had sleepless nights and days waking and shaking with terror. The night sheets are the worst to deal with. It’s the not knowing, that’s the worst. Now I know how people feel in war or like camp x ray.

I Just pray Daniel Dabek can post the wallets soon.

One question: How does he know our addresses? Or do we send that in a private message? Are the wallets real leather?

Anyways good luck guys!


Hey guys,

So, we know that we’re late for the wallet release and, yes, we had a trip to Poland and many other engagements, but now the team is fully focused on delivering you the wallet as soon as possible. They have been working literally, 24/7 since their return from the Poland.

Our team is small but effective, and you can already see the results on our website, beautiful and new design, and other things will be delivered to you ASAP.

I am here to communicate with you, so if you have any question for me, do let me know :slight_smile:


There have been changes in the core team since that interview and now, and Daniel was updating all of the followers on twitter and here on the forums. It’s not like we were in the dark all the time and missed it intentionally, Daniel and the rest of us are trying to be as transparent as we can be in every aspect regarding our development and releases :slight_smile:


Good grief. Get a grip.

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I think it’s rather unfortunate that any square-rigged ship is thought of as indicative of piracy. I was about to say that the European empires of the 18th and 19th centuries were built on such vessels, but that might just be proving your point :wink:

I think the team should stick with the ships. When I see a square-rigged ship, I don’t think of Johnny Depp or Captain Hook, I think of Hornblower and Nelson, Columbus and Drake. If SAFEX turns out to be as significant, we’re all on a winner. Agree on the Chilli logo, needs a little tweaking to avoid the coke comparisons. And communication is important, but I also understand how a small team has limited time to spend on it - but it needs to move up the priorities list.


I repeat. Why are you still here? Do you actually get that much emotional reward from mindless trolling?

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The ship is a symbol of the Digital Merchant Economy.

Updates to the site will come shortly. All of our attention has been on wallet completion.


I completely agree with your post.

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ASAP= today, the wallet is there today

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How long does it take before your wallet comes out?

It will come today, as they say… They must deliver now…
In Serbia it is now 20:45… maybe also a nice thing to know…

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