Community for Dev Funds

Hi all,

I know a lot of us want to contribute to the funding of the developement, but can not participate in the official fundraising program for TWM. For that i have started a fund collection (donations) from the community for the Safex Foundation: SAFEX.NINJA - TWM Explorer - DevFund

Come guys and dont let Dan and the ones who have already send in some funds stand alone in funding the future development of this project. Make it rain, and show we have a caring community! A lot of small donations can pile up and really make a difference. There must be enough members in here to send $100 to this piggy bank and really help the project forward in stead of buying the next token dip! (smaller amounts are also welcome of course!) :grinning: it is BTC only.

I would like to set a first target of 2 BTC! That would be amazing. Gotta set some targets right! :slight_smile: But achieving around $30k-50k would really make a difference to start with. Collected donations will be send to the Safex Foundation for future development.



Quickly donate some to the dev fund before BTC skyrockets to 1 million dollars! :grinning: :rocket: :shamrock:


For more info about the Safex Foundation: What is Safex Foundation?


Bump. Lets get as much as possible before the 15th of september! (We also need some end dates / deadlines) :slight_smile: