Complementary projects to SAFE(x)


I open this topic to discuss eventual relatioships betwen SAFE and other projects such as Bitcoin of Etherium.

I begin this comparing Safecoin with Crypti/Lisk.

It seems to me that Safecoin deals with volumes of data, such as movies or songs. Crypti/Lisk, also ocuppies space, but for more complex things, the (D)apps.

So, do you guys think they will coexist in harmony, one taking advantage of the other and vice-versa, or there will be a fight?

Another very interesting project is “Slock” (Etherium).

While in Safex (Safecoin), we trade stuff in anonimity, in slock i believe we rent things we own.

See, in Safex there are buyers and sellers (agreements). In Slock, owners and borrowers (contracts).

So, there can be a rent contract of secret virtual space… In Safex, we negociate things (virtual space or any information to be published among them), in Slock we can rent them for a period of time.

With those two together we can easily create a trsutful bank! Thing is that websites like BITBOND or BTCPOP fail because they don’t have a real garantee to back lenders.