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Hello all,

I have been exchanging some emails with a guy online who has an exceptional quality of seeing the bigger picture. Real visionary stuff he sends me sometimes. During one of our exchanges safex came up and I asked about his view on the project when I discovered he was also a safex holder. He replied in a 17 page document. I asked if I could post an excerpt on the forum; it’s one of the best compliments I have seen about safex:

“… because the mindset of most of the developers and crypto-communities are not seeing the bigger picture. Maybe deliberate, maybe unknowing. Though the ratio of bitcoin is better than fiat currency, where 1% owns 99% (ref: 4% of the bitcoin addresses own 95% of the bitcoins), centralisation has occurred. The vision of SN (ref: Satoshi Nakamoto) was much bigger than bitcoin is today and than it ever will be the way it is going. SN gave the world the first step towards a free world. I mean FREE in the widest possible interpretation of the word itself. Even SN can only think about it, fantasise about it. To my opinion, the only project coming close to that ‘bigger picture’, is the SAFEX project. This is not so much about the quality of the project, but about the vision of their CEO, Mr. Dabek. Though I think he needs to think much bigger, it is another step forward”.


Very true words your friend has written down. I feel the same thing about safex and I myself like many others here are in for the long haul because of our beliefs in Safex and Dabek with his incredible team!


That is a fantastic compliment, and I do believe it states nicely why so many of us have been drawn to this project.

Can we see the rest of that 17 page document?


@dogberry thank you for sharing that, coming back to Belgrade sitting down with Ivana and watching the graphs and explanations she gives, we’re really going to nail the centralization issue.

I swear she could give lectures all day about these things, her main point was that most coins were just forged by software developers who did not think about the structure of economics. I believe that we are going to strike the best balance between technology and ecosystem that will be difficult to compete with into the future.

Thank you all for this amazing opportunity as well. Happy to be at the service of this endeavor.

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Due to the unique relation I have with this person, I am not allowed to share any more of this document. I have sent you a private message why that is. I could have posted it here, but it’s quite long and off topic.

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