Confused SFX vs SFT, and their exchange value with SAFEX coins


Where can I get SFT tokens? And how’s it different to SFX?

Why can I only buy SFX on exchanges and not SFT?

Yes it’s low volume. About an average of $3000 daily volume. This is largely because Safex is not listed on major exchanges such as Binance, OKEx, Huobi, etc. These start-up exchanges (like Plaak) and small exchanges (like Tradesatoshi,InstantBitex,Coindeal) are not going to increase the base price. Bittrex and Cryptopia were the best exchanges for Safex, given the volume it received prior to delisting.

It doesn’t matter how much good news comes out. If Safex is not listed on a major exchange, there will be no increase. So much additions and news has happened to Safex over the past year and the price hasn’t increased. This is because Safex is not listed on a major exchange so the value can be reflected by the daily volume.

This is more to do with overall market conditions right now. Look at the trade volume of any sub top 50 alt coins right now and you’ll see that volume is quite low compared to the beginning of the year.

So simply saying Binance/OKEx/Huobi = volume is incorrect.

FYI - CoinDeal’s volume is over 3.5 x that of Cryptopia - both on the 7 day, 14 day and 30 day average.

Price is more of a reflection on the overall market conditions.

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Safex on (tradesatoshi) is the old coin and can be migrated to new token 1-1.
SFX on coin deal is the new minable coin / token which will be used on the marketplace

You see there is so much to learn about starting a new blockchain, This is a learning curve for everyone and to expect the whole thing to fall into place on the first run is being naive

Where can I get/buy SFT tokens? And how’s it different to SFX?

Why can I only buy SFX on exchanges and not SFT?

My take on it is:
You cannot buy safex token at the moment only migrate from coin to token,
but you can buy Safex coin (Sfc)
or at
Trade Satoshi

You can then migrate the coin to the new token (Sft).

Safex cash is explained on the Safex (Blue Paper) visit

It started with Safe exchange coin.
Buying SEC is like buying land.
And gives the foundation for building a supermarket with its own currency (SFX).
Being a land (SEC) owner gives you rights on trades done on your property !

Now the new blockchain has been built and if you have SEC you need to migrate them to the blockchain, they then become the token (SFT) securing your ownership of the land.
This can be done until Nov 2019.

As a bonus you get some SFX when migrating !

When everything is up and running the value will not be limited to mere speculations on exchanges !


Why can I only buy SFX on exchanges and not SFT? Would it be available for purchase? Or would it be like a stable coin?

Safex Token is available on CoinDeal later today or worst case some time this week. It’s just taken a little while to get it listed. Further exchanges will be added soon.

Safex Cash is available on CoinDeal and Instant Bitex.

Safex Cash can be mined or bought on exchanges. There will be a total of 1bn Safex Cash mined over 20 years.

Safex Token can only be gained by converting your old Safe Exchange Coins over to the new blockchain (explained above) or buying on an exchange.

There is a fixed supply of Safex Tokens - a total of 2.147bn (most likely going to be less than this due to lost Safex Coin wallets etc). Everyone has until November 2019 to convert their Safe Exchange Coins to Safex Token and Safex Cash.