Countdown(s) on main website

Does anyone know what the countdown on the site represents?

There was a countdown to September 28, then October 9 then October 11 then October 16 and now it’s a countdown to October 18.

What are all those dates?



Safex team loves countdowns apparently.
Some countdowns are just countdown to the next countdown…

Seriously, there is some delay in software development always, I would prefer no countdown at all over a countdown that gets reset three times…


I like the timer


It’s a beautiful timer at least :grinning:

I just would prefer to avoid the shot talk everytime the timer needs to be prolonged, no timer / date might be better than a promise that’s not fulfilled in time…

But in the long term it doesn’t matter anyhow, in two years noone cares about timers that had been there, and if someone got inpatient and sold because of the timers he will be very sorry than…


We are in early stages of community growth, development, and our path is only just being forged.

Sometimes something small comes up unexpected and causes delay. It’s normal; also I have many jobs throughout the day and sometimes unforeseen task pops up that must be taken. (related to safex)

Sometimes also there are perfection delays. Like in 28th, I choose to delay to add some features… etc; then other something happens…

The shot talkers if they sell they help us, because what kind of investors we are is also important. Our expectations are important because they shape our reality. If people expect a certain price; often it happens. Indeed if people expect delays from the timer, then maybe people in future will be more patient and expect delay.

Soon safex cash will be on the exchanges and our development team will grow bigger (currently it is about 5) then the likelihood of a delay will decrease :slight_smile:


I don’t mind delays as long as they deliver eventually. I have so much faith in this project!


It’s detrimental to the project and causes lack of faith in the team.

If you can’t even keep an arbitrary deadline you set…what makes me think you can manage a multimillion dollar project?

I’ve lost tons of faith in Safex over this.


just ignore the countdown, there’s a turn off button. And yes, there have been delays, but like in any other business, team is confronted with unexpected obstacles. Simply put, obstacles are path that leads to great accomplishments.

So don’t lose sight of the bigger picture, new exchanges are coming, marketplace is expected to launch soon.
Let’s keep in mind that.


Some good points.

For us who are in the know, we appreciate the transparency, and get it !

But for the average joe, image and reputation is important, and must be considered.

Adversaries can take advantage and try and destroy credibility…

Finding the balance between transparency and image is key.
You can be talented, gifted, smart, hard worker, etc, but if your not wise, it is all a waste !

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don’t lose sight of the bigger picture


Great things take time! :person_in_lotus_position:


Again, yesterday was a few hours to the end, today is 4 days. You,re lying. A wish i had sold it at previous price rise instead of buying more…

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So I read all the posts and I still don’t understand.

Today is the end of the 5th timer. A new 6th timer has now replaced it. It’s counting down to October 22.

Why do we have countdowns to dates when nothing ever happens on those dates?

If you find that countdown distracting or confusing just track the latest news on discord, twitter or here on forum.


To view the countdown in a positive light, think of it as a NASA rocket lunch.
The rocket as been built (months, years in the making) it is now ready for lunch and we are down to the wire !
The countdown is in days,min, and hours, not months !
The reason for a countdown, is when you reach zero, everything has been checked and is go for lunch !
The countdown is stopped when a sensor or what not needs checking…
And the countdown resumes when it is checked and cleared.

We are close to the ; 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1- LIFT OFF !!!


2,147,483,647 - 2,147,483,646 - 2,147,483,645 more like

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I agree, everyone should be excited for the lift off!


“We are close to the ; 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1- LIFT OFF !!!”

I said we are close !

Close to the final 10 sec countdown !

That’s when they start counting it out loud for everyone to hear not before !

If you want to make a point make it your own, not distorting mine please :slightly_smiling_face:


Dont be disheartened by the countdown’s inconsistency. I cannot remember Dan releasing any part of this project until it was 100% ready. If an unforseen challenge arises, so be it. This is not just another currency to be played with. This is “THE” one. This is the actual currency of our marketplace. One day you will appreciate it’s complexities and marvel at its creation.


Cant understand why you bought more at the previous price rise?