Cryptocurrency set to explode and become its own economy

This is the future Dan Dabek envisioned when he launched Safex Exchange Coin:

“It’s no longer a secret, In short, it’s become not just plausible but inevitable, that a major U.S. company is about to issue its very own cryptocurrency…that’s when all hell breaks loose, since at the rate Coinbase and others are going, it’s not just blockchain that will go mainstream, it’s all of crypto and cryptocurrencies. With all the bans, something is up.
Wall Street, Big Tech and the Government agencies in a sense are colluding to own the future. So who will be the front man of the cryptocurrency of the establishment? It’s more likely to be Amazon, than Facebook, that’s for sure. So how would we come to this conclusion?”

Will it become essential for Safex to beat them to the punch? Or can all the major giants and Safex flourish together? I’m feeling more excited about what Safex is and the potential it has thanks to @dandabek and the staff of Balkaneum!

Go Safex!!!

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