Customer protection

Hi guys. I’m in forum and could do with a link on how SAFEX market place protects customer and isn’t just advantageous to seller. Thanks

Imo, regardless of where products are sold, the “Proof of Purchase” receipt is critical. For Safex purchases, the tx itself will reside in the wallet and act as the receipt, never to be lost. Purchase details in the txs include the destination wallet address.

But as with any online purchases, if a scammer is “selling” something, then no amount of receipts will help, regardless of wether it’s on blockchain or any other e-commerce interface. This issue isn’t isolated to just blockchain, so imo it should be treated the same as buying off anyone online. If they’re a new seller, then you go into the tx knowing there’s a degree of risk.

That is why merchant reputation is so important, again regardless of being on or off blockchain. As Merchants gain reputation, the level of risk from prospective buyers should be mitigated.

Once escrow options become available, then that will also help.