Cyber.Fund Listed

Some excellent project listed there;


Hi guys! cyber•Fund co-founder is here!
It seems that Safex is a forward thinking project on a SAFE Network :slight_smile: Like Augur for Ethereum :smile:

Thanks for listing your project in Radar. Just wanted to note that we now discovering a ways how we can help founders of a decentralized projects to be more visible and understandable for bitcoin investors… Thus if you have any ideas - welcome!

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Glad you made it; there’s certainly plenty of hope that many project will come out of here.

I agree with you, and I think that Safe Exchange intent is like ethereum, contracts on a decentralized platform.

Safe Network is the internet here, and the contracts reside in Structured Data.

We should be looking forward to many successful projects on the Safe Network and do a better job overall. We can do more with what we have and keep people secure from hacks and discoveries. That’s important because people deserve their privacy when conducting transactions.